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Hadoop Training in Chennai

Hadoop is an open-source framework which offers distributed, scalable and reliable computing facilities. The importance of hadoop as a software framework in the IT world is beyond questions.

By virtue of its ability to stock and distribute large volumes of data sets across servers running in a parallel manner, it has established itself as a cheap storage solution for businesses. As a result, its popularity has grown beyond limits. So, if you want to carve a niche for yourself as an IT professional, then taking the best hadoop training in Chennai would be the best thing to do. However, with every nook and corner in Chennai housing an IT training centre, it can get really difficult to zero in on the best option. In such a scenario, we come for your rescue. Enroll with us for hadoop classes and tread the path of success.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is a java-based software framework, which supports the storage and processing of enormous volumes of data sets on clusters of commodity hardware. This framework, funded by Apache Software Foundation is open source and offers functionalities like data governance, storage of data, processing of data, data access, operations and security. With enormous storage capacity and impressive processing power, hadoop has outstripped quite a number of its competitors. And because it deals with data, there is an obvious connection between hadoop and big data. Hadoop is able to process bid data quickly by virtue of its distributed computing capabilities. In fact, hadoop is the basic platform for facilitating big data structuring. It also helps format big data for analytic requirements. Besides, big data analytics gets more effective with hadoop. Hence, our big data hadoop training course will help you learn advanced concepts of this programming framework with ease.

Why Hadoop?

Hadoop is an in-demand programming framework and companies use it to store, maintain and examine huge sets of structured and unstructured data, that too in a flexible and reliable manner, without spending a lot of time. Besides, it’s a cost-effective method of data handling. Yes, these reasons are enough to motivate you to learn hadoop. But we dish out 7 more reasons here to help you be completely decisive about taking up a hadoop course:

  • Hadoop can’t just store but also manage and analyze huge amounts of data.
  • Hadoop’s computing power is unmatched as far as time efficiency is concerned.
  • Hadoop has impressive fault tolerance.
  • With hadoop you can use as much data as you wish and choose to use it later as per your requirement and convenience. So, it’s out-and-out flexible.
  • Because it’s a free and open-source framework, it also ensures cost-effectiveness.
  • Hadoop offers great scalability. That means, it allows you to tackle more data just by adding nodes. So, the administration required is minimal.
  • It’s reliable. Even during node failures, it doesn’t let your data get damaged or lost.

What we do at TIA Academy for Hadoop?

Our constant endeavors in understanding the scope of hadoop in the software industry have enabled us to be of great help to people who are interested in learning this skillset. Our trainers are not only thorough with theories but also equipped with considerable hands-on experience. With a student-centric approach, they act as your learning facilitators rather than teachers. Besides, our courses are easy-to-follow and have been designed keeping in mind the present-day needs. We strive to keep you updated with current programming innovations and don’t declare things over until you say you have learnt. What more? With great placement guidance, we help you land the best hadoop jobs available in the market.

Do you need training in Hadoop?

What about enhancing your employability in the IT sector? Although tempting, it’s not that easy to achieve. For this, you need to keep upgrading your knowledge in IT by constantly absorbing new technologies. And when it comes to learning new technologies, you simply can’t ignore Hadoop and big data. They are two such elements without which organizations feel almost paralysed. People looking for jobs can simply capitalize on this fact by taking a good hadoop certification course. With us, you get the best hadoop learning outcomes

Job Opportunity for hadoop?

Up until technologies like hadoop came into existence, companies had been struggling to handle all the exploding data. But after hadoop came, storing, managing and processing big data became a piece of cake. The popularity that this programming framework gained right after its inception still continues and companies have begun to rely on it more heavily than ever before. This makes for a good case, why you should approach TIA Academy for Hadoop coaching classes. TIA is committed to imparting the best Hadoop training in Chennai. What more? We ensure you shine bright in your career.

Hadoop training in Chennai

Hadoop has changed the way companies store, manage and analyze data. We, at TIA Academy offer hadoop certification courses to enrich your programming knowledge. The syllabi of these courses have been broken down below (not in any specific order) for your convenience-

Hadoop Training Syllabus in Chennai

Introduction to Hadoop

  • Hadoop Distributed File System
  • Hadoop Architecture
  • MapReduce & HDFS

Hadoop Eco Systems

  • Introduction to Pig
  • Introduction to Hive
  • Introduction to HBase
  • Other eco system Map

Hadoop Developer

  • Moving the Data into Hadoop
  • Moving The Data out from Hadoop
  • Reading and Writing the files in HDFS using java program
  • The Hadoop Java API for MapReduce
    • Mapper Class
    • Reducer Class
    • Driver Class
  • Writing Basic MapReduce Program In java
  • Understanding the MapReduce Internal Components
  • Hbase MapReduce Program
  • Hive Overview
  • Working with Hive
  • Pig Overview
  • Working with Pig
  • Sqoop Overview
  • Moving the Data from RDBMS to Hadoop
  • Moving the Data from RDBMS to Hbase
  • Moving the Data from RDBMS to Hive
  • Flume Overview
  • Moving The Data from Web server Into Hadoop
  • Real Time Example in Hadoop
  • Apache Log viewer Analysis
  • Market Basket Algorithms
  • Big Data Overview
  • Introduction In Hadoop and Hadoop Related Eco System.
  • Choosing Hardware For Hadoop Cluster nodes
  • Apache Hadoop Installation
    • Standalone Mode
    • Pseudo Distributed Mode
    • Fully Distributed Mode
  • Installing Hadoop Eco System and Integrate With Hadoop
    • Zookeeper Installation
    • Hbase Installation
    • Hive Installation
    • Pig Installation
    • Sqoop Installation
    • Installing Mahout
  • Horton Works Installation
  • Cloudera Installation
  • Hadoop Commands usage
  • Import the data in HDFS
  • Sample Hadoop Examples (Word count program and Population problem)
  • Monitoring The Hadoop Cluster
    • Monitoring Hadoop Cluster with Ganglia
    • Monitoring Hadoop Cluster with Nagios
    • Monitoring Hadoop Cluster with JMX
  • Hadoop Configuration management Tool
  • Hadoop Benchmarking

Hadoop trainer Profile & Placement

Our Hadoop Trainers

  • More than 10 Years of experience in Hadoop® Technologies
  • Has worked on multiple realtime Hsdoop projects
  • Working in a top MNC company in Chennai
  • Trained 2000+ Students so far
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • Hadoop certified Professionals

Hadoop Placement Training in Chennai

  • More than 2000+ students Trained
  • 93% percent Placement Record
  • 1100+ Interviews Organized

Hadoop training batch size in Chennai

Regular Batch ( Morning, Day time & Evening)

  • Seats Available : 8 (maximum)

Weekend Training Batch( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

  • Seats Available : 8 (maximum)

Fast Track batch

  • Seats Available : 5 (maximum)

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